Is new media still new?

Some of our employees, including agency management, have been in the digital business for almost 20 years. You might think that in times of the Internet of Things, Programmatic, Share Economy, SnapCash, iBeacons, etc. everything is now different, and that today's new media is completely new terrain for anyone not considerably under the age of 25.

But even in the digital area, the following applies: as much as things change they stay the same. OK, try and tell that to publishers whose business model is imploding because of big data-driven loading of RT advertising of Facebook, Amazon or Twitter. The essence of the story is the same, though: people are interested in good stories. Only, today they pay with data and eyeballs, and no longer with coins.

And that is precisely the point: New media remains new because it constantly changes so much. A bit like in NYC. Those who remain stationary quickly get left behind and have no more customers. That is why the majority faithfully follows every little impetus, no matter how small. Being a little critical, however, helps a lot in preventing disappointment. Who does not remember Second Life. We also like new things. But we also often see further development in these. We ask ourselves how our customers can exploit this. If it makes sense, we try and implement it as quickly as possible.

Our heart pumps digitally

So, anyone offering successful solutions in the Internet today must be innovative, and sometimes several times a year. As many of our employees have been doing this for 20 years, we have some experience in this area. Our heart pumps digitally: rio nord has been around since 2002.

Since then we have been providing modern Internet solutions.

We develop UX centred websites for establishing responsive grids and support iterative development processes in web design (sometimes with usability field studies), and pave the way for intelligent, efficient prototyping.

We use CakePHP, and GitHub for hosting, development and management, and navigate with Scrum. We practise agile development, use the Treesaver framework, sometimes like to make use of eZ Publish Projects, like HTML5, but also use Xcode or Java where this is appropriate.

For our customers this means: we offer cutting-edge solutions, and they receive the latest technologies – naturally those that boast early market maturity. This benefits our customers, as it allows them to make use of new technologies to expand their business.

  • Scope of Internet solution offering
  • Responsive websites
  • Content Management Systems
  • E-commerce websites (Oxid and Magento)
  • Apps and mobile applications
  • Performance Marketing
  • Search for service providers online or in other lovely places

At heart, we're a virtual agency. The reason behind this is that many top employees worldwide no longer wish to work in an office on a daily basis. As a result, we not only have to adapt to the needs of our customers, but also to the requirements of our top talent. On the other hand, some employees insist on having a fixed office: for these esteemed colleagues we also offer a physical location. A real office with workstations and an extremely professional filter coffee machine. Naturally, in the most exciting and at the same time relaxed metropolis in the world. Having said that: we're at home – and can work – wherever we have broadband Internet access. But preferably in Berlin, you beaut.