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Digital consultancy services

Consultancy is a good thing. As a rule though, consultants are not responsible for results from the services that they provide. Consultancy should therefore be interpreted with caution, particularly from the point of view of customers. Numerous examples are available here: despite engaging large consultancies in an advisory capacity, many companies or projects fail.

But we don't want to take the easy route out when it comes to typical consultant bashing. We think that consultancy services are useful and indispensable, as the complexity of organisational problems and the pressure to take action often require external analytical skills that put matters into perspective and provide creative options for action. Experience gained in other projects can also be used, and errors avoided.

The hard thing about hard things

The crucial question is whether a consultant accepts responsibility for results due to the services they provide to the customer. We don't know the answer to this question either. But we do know about experience in corporate responsibility, which we have pretty much embraced in our 15 years of independence. While a lot of people like to talk about how worthwhile it is to start up a company, only a few are aware of the difficulties involved in running one on a lasting basis.

We feel we have a fairly good knowledge about what it means to carry bottom-line responsibility, at least for our own company. Based on this entrepreneurial experience, we can potentially be a suitable sparring partner in discussions.

Our focus here is on advice in the context of switching from analogue business and development processes to digital processes, or of improving efficiency as a result of such digital processes.

Questions we are often confronted with in this connection:

  • How can we transfer our business model to the digital world?
  • How can we use mobile devices to grow our business?
  • How can we make better use of our employees' knowledge?
  • How can we use internal communication platforms more meaningfully for activation and exchange of employees' knowledge?
  • How can we reach the young, digital-oriented generation more efficiently?
  • What is the best digital strategy for our company?
  • And a whole lot more.

We have a lot to say about these matters. And sometimes we can't even make things easy for ourselves. But as we know: if it were simple, anyone could do it.

  • Scope of consultancy offerings
  • Digital process consultancy
  • Software analysis, technical infrastructure and integration in various IT and process environments
  • Consultancy in performance marketing and e-commerce projects
  • E-learning strategies
  • E-learning content strategies
  • Growth concepts